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Handcrafted Furniture. Heirloom Quality.

Ernest Thompson furniture is built on the deeply rooted principles of New Mexican woodworking. For us, crafting elegant pieces for our clients is a labor of love. Carved within our furniture is the history of centuries past, with influences taken from cultures throughout the Southwest, including Native American and Spanish colonization. Each piece is crafted to order by our artisans. Whether it’s a dining table or an elegant front door, our customers can provide us with their own input and ideas if they desire, allowing us to create a truly unique product for each customer. At Ernest Thompson, it’s about hand-crafting furniture that can be passed down through the family, where stories can be told and memories can be forged.

Ernest Thompson

Ernest Thompson Furniture builds handcrafted furniture, tailor made to order to our customers precise wants and needs. Our craftsmen have an unsurpassed understanding of the furniture making process and can execute any design, ranging from classic New Mexico style to antique reproductions to contemporary.

Southwest Spanish Craftsmen

Building furniture in New Mexico continuously since 1927, Southwest Spanish Craftsmen designs not only convey a strong respect to tradition and history, they speak to authenticity. With a strong Spanish Colonial influence, our furniture is founded on patterns that harken back to the first European settlers in northern New Mexico.


Taos Furniture designs reflect the mix of Spanish, Mexican, Native American and Anglo cultures that met in this region. Coupled with the effects of New Mexico’s relative isolation for more than two centuries, the origin of true Santa Fe style was formed. It is this blending and history that continues to feed the inspiration and art in our furniture design.