Rock and Roll in Los Alamos New Mexico

By Ernest Thompson

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We recently had the privilege of designing a bass guitar display unit for our client in Los Alamos. Our client came to us with a need to showcase his guitar collection. We collaborated on the size and look of the units so they would work in the space both functionally and aesthetically. His daughter designed the custom artwork that was etched in the corners, making the pieces extra special.

Custom guitar display

From M. Kenamond –Los Alamos NM:

“Wow…Can’t say much more than that…but I will. You guys knocked it out of the park! Photos just don’t do it justice! Each guitar sparkles! I can fit full body acoustics as easily as electrics. These are MASSIVE but they fit perfectly at the same time. Every (every) time I walk through that room I stop and admire my collection!  I stand there for minutes EVERY time.”