Biophilic use in design continues to have importance in 2023.

By mikeAdmin

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As we are living through the winter months, some of us experiencing colossal snow events, we are
already longing for Spring to return.
Last year, the Biophilic trend was introduced. Biophelia is to bring nature inside by incorporating
organic elements into each room. The use of greenery and natural materials such as boulders, natural
wood, and other materials from nature celebrates the outdoors and allows us to live with it inside.
This year, the trend continues by using colors derived from nature’s foundation. Colors from the soil and
roots and the earth are the building blocks of room design. Mushroom, Sand and Terra Cotta take the
lead, warming up the palette.
A perfect way to celebrate biophilia and nature is through our Sombraje Collection. Our collection
incorporates branches and twigs and rough hewn basswood to create shutters and furniture door
fronts, headboards and art panels. The use of Salt Cedar, Willow and Cottonwood branches conjures up
a walk through the Bosque (wetlands) of New Mexico. Though the materials are quite stunning, they are
just as practical, allowing filtered light through the twigs to soften up a bright room or give just enough
privacy. When used on credenza doors, they allow a breathable environment for whatever might be
stored inside.