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Welcome to Ernest Thompson’s Sombraje photo gallery. Scroll down to preview examples of Sombraje shutters, valences, screens, and furniture. To access our Sombraje Buyers Guide, color chart, or our guide to measuring for sombraje shutters, click here. Or, contact us for a consultation and custom quote. Sombraje, or “branch covered screen,” is a centuries-old regional tradition of creating window coverings from gathered twigs and branches. Ernest Thompson’s Sombraje collection utilizes salt cedar, cottonwood, willow, and hand-peeled willow twigs that are hand gathered, individually cut to size, and individually pieced into sturdy, finished basswood panel frames. Sombraje panels have endless applications as window shutters, paneled screens, and in furniture. Sombraje products feel right at home in every home, from southwestern adobes to coastal beach houses, ranch homes to mountain lodges. As with all of our products, our Sombraje Twig Collection is Made in the USA, in our Albuquerque workshop.