Custom Goes Country

Usually, customers equate “custom” to getting to choose from a selection of finishes. While that may be true for most, that’s not the case at Ernest Thompson. What makes us unique is that we have almost no inventory — every piece of furniture we create is made-to-order.

Since every piece is made here in our Albuquerque workshop, we can modify any item to have different dimensions, details, finishes and even materials. With that in mind, why not get exactly what you’re looking for? A local family did just that.

Owners of a local custom home building company wanted something special for their latest endeavor—their own home. They wanted to create a one-of-a-kind home that would not only be beautiful, but also speak to their unique country style.

We were the family’s first choice to design and build custom cabinetry for the family’s Albuquerque home. But they were so impressed that it soon became apparent that it wasn’t going to end there, with the couple eventually requesting custom closets and furniture as well.

After getting a feel for all that we had to offer, the customers decided that they really liked our Durango collection, but it wasn’t exactly what they were looking for. In secret the wife asked, “Can you add our family’s ranch brand?” The addition was to be a surprise for her husband. Ernest Thompson was up to the challenge.

Since, bringing in a branded cow as a live model was out of the question, our team worked off of a photo to reverse engineer the brand to be suitable for carving. The letters at center denote the first initial of the husband and wife’s names, while the three lines to the left represent each of their three children. Our woodworkers also added a barbed wire detail to complete the look.

What started as a standard item, was transformed into something spectacular. By utilizing the combined experience of our team of skilled craftsmen, this family now has a unique dining room set that will be passed down through the generations.

Come check out Ernest Thompson today to see what we can create for you!