Exciting News

Ernest Thompson Workshop

There are so many great things happening at Ernest Thompson, and we just had to share the excitement.

First, there’s our new website! Now our Home Page (www.ernestthompson.com) will be the landing spot to direct you to the websites of our family of companies. So whether you’re looking for furniture, cabinets, or closets, the Home Page will direct you to each of these spots and give you a selection of products for each of those companies.

One of the features of our new Home Page will be a section that displays photos and bios of Our Team. Since we deal with customers all over the country, we thought it would be fun to put a face with a name.

We’re also in the design phase of our showroom remodel. New furniture vignettes, including Pearson upholstered furniture, cabinet displays with fully integrated Sub-Zero Wolf appliances, and examples of our closets will all be part of our spruce up.

And look for some exciting special events at our showroom starting in the fall! These will include wine tastings, cooking demonstrations, and other imaginative fun events for our guests!

We invite you to follow along and keep up with the latest updates, news, and information about our showroom remodel by visiting our blog. We'll be documenting our progress and are so excited to share it with you, our loyal customers and friends.