New Showroom, Same Ernest Thompson

Ernest Thompson New Showroom

It’s hard to believe we’ve been in our Albuquerque showroom for more than twenty years! And while we may not be good candidates for the latest Home Remodeling Reality Show, we could sure share stories and incredible memories that have taken place in this showroom.

Twenty years ago, Ernest Thompson mostly built furniture, just as it had been since the early ’70’s. During that time we’ve seen many changes…changes in economic conditions, customer tastes and the people who have helped make our business successful. We’ve also added four more companies to the Ernest Thompson family which has given us the opportunity to dramatically increase the amount of cabinetry that we build.

As a company wedded to so much tradition, it’s sometimes difficult to let go. But it was becoming obvious that our showroom just did not reflect what Ernest Thompson has become. We love that our showroom and workshop are in the same building, and we definitely did not want to move our workshop, so we decided a showroom remodel was in order.

So, we’re thrilled to announce that Fall of 2016, there will be a totally new Ernest Thompson showroom representing all of the companies in the Ernest Thompson family.

But, oh what a challenge! For example, one of our companies, Southwest Spanish Craftsmen, has been building furniture in New Mexico since 1927. Think about that…prior to the 1929 depression, prior to World War II and only 15 years after New Mexico became a state. And to document some of that history, we’ve got a file cabinet eight feet tall stuffed with hand drawings of furniture that they’ve built the past 90 years. We want to honor that legacy while showing off examples of their furniture being built today.

On the complete other end of the spectrum, how do we display examples of some of our latest contemporary cabinets that utilize the latest in cutting edge materials? And of course a cabinet vignette would not be complete without showing totally complimentary appliances, in this case from our trade partner Subzero/Wolf appliances.

Despite these challenges, it will be a fun project. And once completed, we’ll want to share this new showroom with all of our friends and customers. We plan on hosting special events like cooking demonstrations and wine tastings, seminars on using kitchen knives properly and just about any other fun topic you can imagine.

So stay tuned. Our goal will be to bring you a lifestyle based experience that will be something totally unique and in harmony with our incredible New Mexico culture. Look for it in the Spring of 2017!